Herlit Radio
Unapologetically Gorean!

Herlit Radio broadcasts 24/7
Commercial Free, the broadcasters play a wide
variety of music and have the the freedom to speak without
censorship on topics of interest to the Gorean community.
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Tune in!

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If you cannot hear the station in Second Life...

Listen to Herlit Radio HERE

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The only two rules our Broadcasters must follow are:

1.  Warn the Audience if the language or topic is of an adult nature
2.  Absolutely no flaming of people or places

Beyond that, the Broadcasters are
welcome to discuss whatever they like.

Here's Jake's Song List 

Scheduled Broadcasts (all times SLT)

Wednesday 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Hell on Wheels with Thrain
Friday 6 PM - 8 PM Puddletime with Ayodele
Saturday 5 PM - 7 PM Midnight Musings with Dahra
Sunday 5 PM - ? Jake's Rant